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    Wahjudi Purnama has more than 20 years’ experience in sales and member of Circle of Excellence Platinum Club Award, the highest level of recognition within Microsoft worldwide. He is a team player, leader, and experienced professional with proven results. At Microsoft Indonesia, he rose from Major Account Manager to Corporate Account Lead. Previously, he worked as an Account Manager at Reuters for almost 10 years. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Trisakti University and a Magister Management Degree from Prasetiya Mulya Graduate School of Management.


    Wahjudi passion in how the mind works started when he attended Tony Robbins Seminar Unleash the Power Within. After that, he has been studying many books related to mind improvement. He got in touch with Mind Mapping started in 1998 when he picked up a book called “The Speed Reading Book” written by Tony Buzan in a bookstore and it inspired him to use Mind Mapping skills in his personal and working life.


    Wahjudi has been using Mind Mapping software since 2013 with iMindMap version 5 and decided to become ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor. He is passionate to let people master Mind Mapping tool and help them think better.

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